Saturday, April 22, 2006


I'm finally done! I drew myself celebrating the end of Atomic Betty Season 2 in Betty style. Now I'll have more time to DRAW!!


martin wittig said...

Yeahhhhhhhhy! Congrats, and looking forward to more great posts:o)

unis said...

congtu8n danyu- now have more time for suda? :-)

Dennis Levesque said...

Finaly a Cool drawing! Your blogs was starting to get close to be ass cool as mine. Way to go!

DdK said...

Wow, after all that practice animating for two whole seasons, you finally pumped out something half decent, whew.

Dan Yu said...

Thanks Martin! I look foward to your awesome posts as well.
Unis, I'm always up for suda.
Lebec bec bec, see you at Bardel.
DDK, what do you mean 'half decent'?!!!!