Friday, May 12, 2006

getting warmed up for work next week

Cowboy sketch for an exercise in Tom Bancroft's design book 'Creating Characters with Personality'. I think it's one of the best design books I've read so far.

Some more rough sketches to get ready for my new job as a designer at Bardel Entertainment next week. I'm pretty excited about this new gig.


DdK said...

Nice work, the little girl kind of reminds me of a "hero bear" style and the cowboy looks like Woodgate.

Tyler said...

congrats on the new gig, nice designs!

Elard Meneses said...

Hey budd, good job on the drawings, The dANN-ATOR IS BACK BABY... Congrats again in Bardell. R-mode represent

Emmett said...

So great about the gig too.
Drawing? For real drawing?
Seems so rare in the animation field these days.
Jusr remember, Dan: Real drawers never lift the pencil from the page. One big line. And start with the nose. Always.

ridd1 said...

nice work!

alex said...

Emmett's on to something.

Nice designs!

martin wittig said...

Very Nice designs!:)

Dan Yu said...

Thanks ya'll!
work at bardel's going well,
and I haven't lifted the
pencil since I started!
I start with the nose even for
the back view.

Francis Bezooyen said...

Hey Dan, first time seeing your site. Love the little girl here. very cute.

AnJaka said...

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